UPDATE on Worship Assemblies (04/09/2020)

Friends and Family:

The last few weeks our congregation has been meeting in a drive-in/lawn chair fashion. The Shepherds have met and decided that beginning Sunday, May 10th, we will be meeting in the building! We understand that some of you may not be comfortable meeting in the building yet—and that’s fine! For those of you who still have concerns about meeting in the building we will also be (1) broadcasting our worship with an FM transmitter to the parking lot and (2) live-streaming to our Facebook page ( Additionally, in an effort to keep people safe, we will be taking some safety precautions.

For your convenience, please take note of the following items:

  • We will be assembling Sunday morning @10:30AM only.
  • We ask that you continue to maintain 6 feet between you and members of other families.
  • To help maintain social distancing our Overseers have marked off areas where you can sit and will escort you to a seat.
  • For communion you may continue to bring your own emblems, but—if you need them—emblems will be available upon entry.
  • For contribution you are welcome to bring your check/cash. There will be a box available to drop it in as you leave. If you would prefer, however, you are welcome to continue mailing your check to Jim or contributing via the PayPal button on the bottom of our website.
  • You are encouraged to wear a mask during our worship services. If you would like to wear a mask but do not have one we have some available at the building and you may request one as you enter.
  • The Elders request that we not clog up the entry way before or after worship. There will be ample space for visiting outside after our worship assembly :)

As always, our intention is to care for one another physically and spiritually. We are prayerful that our efforts to worship in this fashion bring glory to God and demonstrate our care for one another.