Worship Assembly UPDATE (4/25/20)

Friends & Brethren,

Despite the rain, we had a great turn out at our drive-in worship assembly last week (4/19). We plan to continue assembling in a similar fashion for the time being. This post is to let you know about how things will proceed in the coming weeks.

FIRST, we will continue to live-stream our worship assemblies for those who are staying in for various reasons (e.g., in a high risk category, currently ill, or otherwise fearful of giving or getting disease). You can find that stream, as always, at

SECOND, we have secured an FM transmitter for our use during these worship assemblies. We will have a sign at the building to let you know on which frequency we will broadcast.

THIRD, we were encouraged by the great turn-out last week. We even had people around the sides of the building where they could not see the worship leaders. We want to utilize our space well while still maintaining social distancing and prioritizing the health and concerns of one another. So, please note the following two items:

  • If you are able and would like to, you may bring lawn chairs/blankets/umbrellas and set them up in the grassy area in front of the building. IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO SO, PLEASE CONTINUE TO MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING (6’) BETWEEN FAMILY UNITS. Also, if you choose to sit on the lawn, please park around the sides of the building so that those who choose to remain in their cars can park where they can see. Additionally, our lawn has been recently treated for ants, but—as you would in any Texas lawn—please watch where you step.
  • If you would prefer, YOU ARE WELCOME TO REMAIN IN YOUR CAR and worship with us in that way.

FOURTH, as we did last week, we will have communion supplies on hand—prepared and distributed in as sanitary a way as we can muster—for your use. However, if you prefer and are able, you are encouraged to bring your own supplies to limit potential contamination.

We look forward to continuing to worship God together despite these less-than-ideal circumstances and we will continue to worship in this fashion until further notice.

Feel free to pass this along to your friends and family who may like to join in worshipping with us. We hope to see you Sunday at 10:30AM! :)